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I read a quote once that said that the most interesting people are not the ones who talk about other people, but the ones who talk about ideas.

I like to think of myself mostly as the latter, but for this post I will be the former.

Being an adventure-lover, it’s always interesting to see other adventurers. You know. People who hike, climb, bike, surf, pour their milk into their cereal bowl before their cereal; the crazy people.

Today I’d like to bring up 2manventure, two young adventurers from out of Colorado. Both Zach and Pierce contribute frequently to their blog, which I personally think is really cool, because it means they always have an adventure to update the world on. What really sucked me into their blog was their photos; these aren’t iPhone photos with a grainy filter. These photos actually require a decent amount of camera knowledge and fairly decent camera equipment. It’s really refreshing to see, in a world of Instragramers.

Check out their Flickr photostreams:



Keep on adventuring!