The World v. The World

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Humans are so weird.

Sometimes I wonder why I think about the concept so much. We are bizarre creatures. We idolize ourselves far too much, yet we are so self-conscious. Ask any random person on the street if they love others more than themselves, and I guarantee they will answer “yes.” Yet, why do we lead our lives so selfishly? Working to sustain ourselves, working to put ourselves ahead of others in aspects that truly are not important.

I speak in generalities. I believe in a fine balance. Meaning, as many spiteful, selfish, cowardly people humans as there are on this globe, there are equally as many selfless, courageous beings. As many lazy, indifferent people as their are, there are equally as many people aching to feel alive with every ounce of their being. I don’t think there’s even an explanation for it, I think we just react to and within one another in such a particular way, that we end up forming almost a mirror within ourselves.

I suppose what it comes down to (at least for me) is perspective. Not ignorance, no. We as a society must recognize both sides of humans, for without the other half, they are each nothing. It is the perspective that sets us apart from others, and we must constantly remind ourselves that no one will ever see your perspective as you do, as you will never see theirs.

Or does it even matter? What does life in itself come down to, anyways? Does it come down to your final moments? I envision it does. Your last few breaths of sure certainty that this is the end, and facing yourself with that omnipresent question: how was it? And knowing full-well which answer you’ll choose, and whether or not you’ll be happy with it. What if you are? What if you aren’t?

Everyone will be different.

And that is the simple and beautiful truth about humans, and understanding the fact that they will never be understood.


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