Preparing for the PCT

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One of the fascinating things about this post is that the photos tell the story without even really needing the text. Of course, the text backs up all the photographs and all and goes into more detail, but just by scrolling through the photos, the reader truly gets a sense of your and your girlfriend’s sense of adventure. A little crazy, quite adorable, and definitely living life the way it should be lived. Outstanding, inspiring and very easy to read.


Hello All,

The last month I have been preparing to move from Flagstaff, AZ to Tahoe, CA. A few things have to happen over the course of the next few weeks, and I am excited for the road ahead.

Most of what I have been doing is selling all my stuff! I have to narrow my possessions down to a hiking backpack and a small package which I will mail ahead to myself in Tahoe. My dog and I will be on the Pacific Crest Trail for nine or ten days over the length of about a hundred miles.




These are some images of gear I bought and a couple of recent long runs we have gone on. Our training has consisted of faster paced sorter mileage runs up until recently, but over the last couple weeks we have gone on a few longer thirteen to seventeen mile practice treks with…

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