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This is me, on my best day:

IMG_3328 (1024x683)

I’m an average girl. I really am. I’ve seen the same ten movies a hundred times a piece, and I tweet more times a day than a logical thought runs through my head.

Well, here’s at least one logical question for today:

What in the hell were we put on this planet for?

Everyone will view this question differently, of course, because everybody has been raised differently.

But I’m willing to bet that everyone will say something similar:

“To make the world a better place.”

“To discover unknown places and ideas.”

“To advance our own race beyond others.”

Okay, cute. But what in god’s name are we doing to fulfill these heavy questions?

The answer is that we are doing nothing. There are a very, very, select amount of people who are following through with their life quests, and the rest of us are just riding on their coattails.

Cynical, yes, but the beauty about this is that every single one of us (cheesy as it sounds) has the ability to change this. Go outdoors. Read a book that doesn’t have the words “love,” “lust,” or “scandal” between it’s covers. Stop wasting time on petty drama. If someone is an ass hole, tell them and leave. If someone goes out of their way to do something nice, appreciate it. Appreciate good humor and give it in return.

Am I skydiving every day of my life? No. I went once. I was scared. I told the instructor to push me out of the plane. But I did it. I’m not telling people to go skydiving or bungee jumping every single day of their lives (hey, I mean if that’s your thing, power to you). But do something. Anything that makes you feel happy to be alive. Anything that makes you feel alive at all. That’s the beauty of it, is that you can do whatever you love and no one can ever tell you differently. I feel like an Instagram quote in the making but live your damn life. Inspire someone else to live their’s; and this planet will be a better place without even trying.

Bouldering (Rumney)IMG_3092

Top photo credit to Jumptown Skydiving in Orange, MA.

Bottom two photos: (left) Rumney, NH August 2013 by Michelle Bourget, (right) Hadley, MA February 2012 by Michelle Bourget


One thought on “Perspective

    kierakristoffy said:
    September 29, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    “Am I skydiving every day of my life? No. I went once. I was scared. I told the instructor to push me out of the plane. But I did it.” This personal touch really makes the blog YOU. It shows how your personal experiences can maybe influence other people to go out and do things that scare them! I also liked the photo of yourself skydiving that you included in your blog. I have always wanted to go sky diving myself, but am terrified! I’m sure you will inspire one, if not a few people, to push for the thing that scares them most!

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